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Barren Coast




Forever 21 hat and bikini top, vintage cover up, Topshop bikini bottom

I never pictured celebrating my 18th on the shores of Lian but after spending the entire day swimming in the morning, lounging around and making bonfires at night; I’m glad I didn’t go for anything too grand. The weather, on the other hand, has been unpredictable during our entire stay. I usually don’t post gloomy photos but I guess a little raw imagery appreciation isn’t so bad.

Escape to Lian






Despite having our family vacation here annually, this year’s trip felt the most remarkable. After 5-days of staying more on water than land and poor signal, it felt like the break I badly needed from life in the metro and pretty much everything. As much as I want to ramble aimlessly about how I spent my island life, I’ll keep this short and let the pictures do all the talking.

Black in the Summer




Topshop romper, Tomato blazer, Tiffany & Co. bangle

Wearing black during the summer is basically suicide but surprisingly both pieces were light and felt hassle free. I had to wear this out to the Style Weekend’s Women Who Wow cocktail event a few weeks back, which was located at the top of one of Makati’s high rises. We’re talking 71 stories high with an impeccable skyline- I almost forgot I was acrophobic for a bit.


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